Lessons and Carols

Lessons and Carols
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We worship at 9:30 am on Sunday.
Sunday School begins at 11 am.
Potluck is the first Sunday of the month.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Global Call to Prayer, Meditation and Intention

I found a prayer today that I believe all of us at Florence can pray together. While we do not agree on the science of climate change, our love and care for creation is a core value for all. If we believe that the intention of our hearts does impact not only our actions but the spirit of our community and planet, then this prayer is a doorway. We unite with praying people around the globe. Join me in praying through the weekend if you are so lead.

"May the leaders of nations hear and obey our call,

creating an agreement to safeguard the climate future of Earth.

May they be guided by wisdom over short-sightedness,

choosing to preserve life over national advantage. "

"May we each and all seek and be empowered

to change our lives and old wasteful habits,

and realize that we are One Humanity, with a common fate,

living on a shared and sacred planet."

For more information go to contact@globalcalltoprayer.org

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twins! Desmond and Amari in Kinshasa, Congo and soon coming to Goshen, Indiana

What could be a better blessing in this season that the great expectation of TWINS! Two little babies were brought into Kinshasa a soon after Holloween. Their mother had died in childbirth. The lawyer who was arranging an adoption for David Lind and Kendra Yoder "happened" to be at the orphanage when they arrived. Grampa, Tim Lind, happened to be able to visit them and feed them every day.

We rejoice with the Lind family at these new souls added to their tribe. David and Kendra will travel to Congo in about a week to be with the little ones. Tim will come home to the US about a week after that. Paper work is well under way for the homecoming of Desmond and Amari in Goshen, IN. Let us pray all health and strength and joy and peace to all!

ADVENT: The beginning of a Sabbatical Year by Nina Lanctot

I have begun a new blog: Vibrant Rural R & R. What for? One weekly photo and one weekly reflection for the next 52 weeks. This is a way of tracking the VIBRANCY -- spirit, breath, wind, life -- of God flowing into and around and through me and us. I hope you will find connection in these glimpses of grace at