Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pink Menno

Pink Menno was a welcoming presence at Mennonite Church USA Assembly in Columbus, OH. Youth sponsors, Kathy Fenton Miller and Roxie Ewert, as well as delegates Luke Nofsinger and Jon Casselberry Scott chose to add their voices and witness for welcome for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender folks who want to be part of MCUSA. Here are the letters that Kathy and Roxie have posted on the Pink Menno website in response to a letter from Jim Schrag.

Dear Mennonite Church Executive Leadership,
I, along with another woman were youth sponsors from our church and we had 6 youth along with us. During the week we each chose the seminars that we personally wished to attend. Some of our youth chose to attend a film sponsored by the Pink Mennos and to wear pink in solidarity. Why? Simply because they have been brought up in a church which teaches that Christ welcomes all to the table. It is no more complicated than that.
I felt it was extremely powerful to have the visable presence of this issue among us represented by the pink shirts. The convention was faced with an incredibly gentle reminder, that there is a group of people within the MC who, although despised and rejected, still WANT to be there, who DESIRE to worship and share with the larger body, and who CARE enough about the life of the Mennonite Church to continue with the struggle.
Now, we as a church are faced with a great challenge as our youth watch on: How will the body of Christ respond?
Roxane Ewert

Dear Mennonite Church Leaders:
I am writing to convey my experience of Pink Menno at the recent convention in Columbus. I am a parent of two young adults (ages 21 and 23) and also was a youth sponsor at the convention. I fully attended convention events, spoke with our church’s adult participants and also attended some Pink Menno events. I found Pink Menno participants to be respectful and caring and in no way attempting to force information on youth or others. There seemed to be a genuine interest by some youth in attending Pink Menno events and expressing support. These were all entirely optional.
I think It is important for youth to know that there are differing opinions about homosexuality among Christians and Mennonites in particular. It is important for the larger church to acknowledge this also, and to seek ways of having conversation in non-threatening ways. I attended the conversation facilitated by Carolyn Shrock – Shenk and Sharon Waltner and thought this was a beginning toward that goal. Fear cannot be the guiding force in this dialogue.
I am praying for the day when the church can move ahead with this conversation, when threat of disciplining (shunning) is no longer operational, and when the church can fully express the radical hospitality and love of Jesus to ALL.
Kathy Fenton-Miller

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