Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Memory of Bryan Shelly

We received word at dawn on Sunday, December 27 that Bryan Shelly, middle son of Kim Henritzy and Mark Shelly, took his life. The last two weeks have been achingly sad for all of us. I include here a small reflection of the way we have tried to honor Bryan's life and support one another in grief. We have been deeply grateful for the love poured out from the Marcellus community in this time of need.

Here is a reflection written by Jerry Anderson for last Sunday.

As We Again Gather Together

As we again gather together
Within this time of seeming helplessness
Within this moment of boundless grief
Where the familiar woven fabric
Of our shared lives
Has been torn into countless scattered pieces
By the unknowable weight of sorrow
Descending in an instant
Upon all of those
Bound by love and compassion
All of those who now again gather together
Huddled around the few struggling fitful embers
Remnants of the once bright fire
That warmed us and gave us light
Amidst the surrounding darkness…

As we gather again together
Seeking desperately within the deepening shadows
For anything which may appear to bring
Only a short glimpse of peace or reassurance
Measured against the seemingly unyielding pain…

As we gather together again
There may be no ready answers as we cling together
Except to begin with small staggering steps
To gather the ragged ends
Of that torn and scattered fabric
And begin to weave again with trembling fingers
Amidst the tears and grinding heartache…

As again we gather together
We shall see that the embers will be tended
The bright dancing flames
Of the fire can be restored
Within that shifting light
We will begin to share once more
Bound in love and compassion
To open our hearts and souls
And embrace the pain and seemingly overwhelming grief
To present the only gift we can truly offer
To share this sorrow with open hearts
To partake as we may
Of any such small part of the shared silence
Profound in its depth as words lose their meaning…

Grant us the strength to proclaim our weakness
As we confront another of the many mysteries
Which shake the deepest footings and foundations
Of our limited understanding and trembling faith
Give us the wisdom to trust in the gifts we have received
Each knowing that love and true compassion for others
Requires a true strength of purpose
And a disciplined persistent will
That must be renewed constantly or it will falter
Each accepting that open hearts must be willing
To embrace the familiar and unfamiliar pain and sorrows
As well as the joyful mysteries of love shared
As we again gather together…

Written by Jerry Anderson

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