Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
Our most significant scriptures are marked with post it notes.

Continuing the work of Jesus, simply, peacefully, JOYFULLY, together.

We gather for worship at 9:30 am on Sunday.
Children go to Sunday school following their special time in worship, about 10:15 am.
Potluck is the first Sunday of the month.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

As we went down to the river to pray....and play...

Morning has broken like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.

Today was a beauty. We met at 10 am at the Hoshel Canoe Park by the river, about five miles from church. This is oru traditional baptism site.

Today Judy Broadworth, Brenda Nieto and Ben Nofsinger make their public statement of intent to follow Jesus. We sang, shared the news of our lives, and shared the Good News of Jesus who began a Way of Life that was worth persecuting in its earliest days and which shapes our lives centuries later.

As we remember the great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us in following Jesus, we are both humbled and encouraged. Judy, Brenda and Ben and those gathered promised once more to keep these promises central to our life together.


Will you make Jesus the center of your faith – loving God, as seen in Christ, and alive in the Spirit?

Will you make community the center of your life – loving your neighbor and your self in the church and in the world?

Will you make reconciliation the center of your work– loving both friends and enemies with grace, and seeking shalom for all people, living creatures, and for the planet?

Will you turn away from sin, temptation, violence and evil -- all that prevents you from living in love –and follow The Way of Jesus with us?

Will you turn toward giving and receiving time, talent and treasures, counsel and forgiveness -- through worship, learning, fellowship and service -- as we continue our journey in Jesus together?

I baptize you in the name
of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,
One God who Mothers us all.
Arise to new life in Christ

Following the baptism we share communion from the hands of Judy, Brenda and Ben. Then we headed for Bair Lane in Marcellus for one more of our Vibrant Rural Celebrations – funded by the Lilly Clergy Renewal Grant. After tacos, fruit and decadent brownies, the final World Cup Match on the big screen was our entertainment.


The day before, on Saturday, July 10, Charlie and Jane Bowers had organized a Vibrant Canoe Trip on the Fawn River. Twenty seven of us enjoyed the silent and stunning beauty of this wetland and marsh river ride.

Floating, Faith, Food, Fellowship, Fun, Futbol!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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