Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Transition Florence?

On Sunday 30 June a conversation began.  Karla Kauffman hosted us at Maple Tree Meadows for a luscious meal of black bean tacos, greens, mint tea and maple walnut scones under the Maple Trees.  Nine folks attended, including four from *cino -- Culture is Not Optional.

After watching scenes from Transition 2.0 the conversation surrounded how we imagined the future of Florence in light of TRANSITIONING from oil dependency to local resilience.  Nina Lanctot and Kathy Fenton-Miller have been watching and reading the perspective of TRANSITION NETWORK, a global movement to rebuild local communities and economies from joyful grass roots collaborations. 

Kathy, Nina and Karla had also met with Peggy Deames, owner of World Fare, on June 20 to address the same questions in a TRANSITIONS RIVER COUNTRY? conversation.  We are all feeling a sense of urgency about climate changed and the impending end of cheap oil.  Due to our culture's oil addiction, shaping everything we do and how we live, we anticipate huge challenges -- and opportunities.

What shall we do?

Kathy and Willard Fenton-Miller and Karla Kauffman are considering what a CREATION CARE COLLABORATIVE for Florence might look like as an on-going agent for awareness and action.

Donald Lanctot and Kathy Fenton-Miller decided to organize and TOOLS-SKILLS-TEACHIING BANK where we could share what we have more easily with our Florence friends and family.

TRANSITION RIVER COUNTRY? decided to have information available at the HUSS FUTURE FEST on Saturday 20 July.  That information will be part of a Florence Church of the Brethren Mennonite table from noon to 4:30 -- and including Congo Cloth as well!  Let me know if you can help spend some time at that table.

In addition, TRANSITION RIVER COUNTRY? -- Karla, Kathy, Nina and Peggy -- have agreed to gather monthly, near to the day of the full moon, to keep the conversation going.  Our next meeting is Monday 26 August.  We hope to have a guest from other area Transition Networks present with us. 

YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME!  Watch for details.

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