Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Cider Dog"

"If life hands you apples, and pears, and lots of them -- make cider!"

When bounty, creativity, hard work and imagination -- and faith -- all come together, it is a joy!  Here is the convergence:

A bountiful apple and pear crop! Praise God!
Harvesting those apples and pears!
Making a special blend cider that all your friends will love!
Asking for cider donations for a "special project" -- a dog for Sara.
Sara McDonald's imagination of a service dog to assist her diabetes care.
A local organization that saves dogs from the humane society and trains them as service dogs.

Sara and her husband, Nathan Nichols, found a great organization in South Bend that hope to train their very first diabetic service dog for Sara:

Midwest Assistance Dogs is to help disabled individuals cope with life’s daily challenges through the assistance of a trained canine companion. Our mission includes acquiring, whenever possible, our assistance dog "trainees" from local animal shelters. By using shelter dogs we are able to fulfill our mission while at the same time provide a loving home to an animal that otherwise may have been euthanized.

Jerry Warstler loads the apples and pears to take to Millers' Cider Mill, Middlebury, IN
Apples and pears go in for washing and grinding.

Putting smashed fruit in layers in the press.

Squaring up the press.
Todd Warstler catches cider jugs off the line, lots of them, to load in the truck.

 If you would like to make a donation for CIDER DOG, contact Pastor Nina Lanctot at

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