Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

O, Immanuel, Come!

Though unworthy for
you to come 'neath my roof, yet,
Come, Immanuel!

A comment from Miranda River on the Catholic Forum (June 1, 2012) is the touchstone for my haiku prayer.  How did I find Miranda?  I was looking, googling, for confirmation of where this prayer is lodged in the mass.  It comes right before one goes forward to receive the eucharist:

"Lord, I am not worthy for you to enter under my roof, but say only the word and my soul shall be healed."

I find this the most moving part of the Mass personally whilst I am in my own process of discernment and inquiry. I really do not feel worthy for the Lord to enter into my life, into my own 'reality' as there is a lot of my life that is contrary to Jesus' and the Church's teachings, and so I really don't feel worthy for God to come to me.... and yet there is part of me that is even afraid of the idea of my soul being healed. I do believe that this discernment process is a slow slow healing of my soul, but I do feel really confused too, its not a comforting or happy process, it often makes me feel sad and out of balance.

How do you personally connect with these words...?

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