Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Stories from Congo

Here are two stories that Christine Nofsinger shared about her recent trip to Congo to visit the Lind family. The Linds are members of Florence serving with Mennonite Central Committee and living in Kinshasa.

The second time that Suzanne and I went back to the orphanage, Georgette was at work and there were 13 children there--either the very young children or the older boys who were no longer in school but did not have work. They were surprised and so very excited and grateful for the shoes that we took them.

One of them disappeared and brought out another boy who had been in bed to make sure he got a pair of shoes. We saw that he had an eye infection, it was huge and bulging and as he sat in the chair he began crying because of the pain. Suzanne and I were very concerned and they explained that he had gone to the doctor the day before and was supposed to go back but there was no money.

I paced the floor and fretted to Suzanne. If I'd have only known. I have all kinds of eye drops at home with antibiotics and steroids. Oh, I just can't stand it. We decided that I would give $20.00 to cover the cost of the doctor visit. I wanted to give more. Suzanne said no, that without Georgette there, that was probably all that we should give at this time.

One of the young men there with minimal English skills and serves in some sort of helping role at the orphanage, came over to me and said, slowly and carefully, "God Bless You." I thanked him and said awkwardly, "May God bless you too." He came over later and said again, “God bless you.” I brushed it off. I was embarrassed. (If he only knew how much money I spent on fabric I thought). What is a lousy $20 to me?

A third time he came and then said they wanted to pray with us. I did not understand the prayer, but in the moment, in that place, in that small, dark room with bare furnishings, I stood in this circle of teenage orphans, looked around the room at these tall, lanky, handsome boys who reminded me of my sons, and received their blessing.

On one of my last days in Kinshasa, Suzanne and I walked into the downtown area and I soaked in the sights, knowing that I was leaving the next day. As we walked through one of the many amazing little outdoor nurseries with lush, tropical plants for sale, we fell behind a tall, young, beautiful woman all decked out in her colorful clothing and heard her singing “Amazing Grace” in French. Suzanne and I walked behind her and harmonized in English. There we were in the middle of the morning, in the middle of Kinshasa, singing together. When the song ended she turned off, looked back at us, smiled and waved goodbye.

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