Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stories from a Costa Rican Journey

When Martha Miller visited her brother Leo in Sabana Bonita, Costa Rica, she noted that it is in the little things that there is much power. "Even if we have a little, if we share the little we have it is a blessing." Leo is retired and wanted to live on a piece of land that he could protect. There, at Sabana Bonita, he has a friend, Adolfo, who is a young organic farmer. Adolfo comes each evening to Leo's home. They eat and they learn about organic farming together. They both have a passion for the organic farming movement and learn from one another's experience and understanding. Someday Leo hopes to build a library near his home so that the learning can continue.

Sabana Bonita has a school (turquoise building) and a church (white building) and a community center with a suspended roof that provides for seven or so families who live in the area. Martha enjoyed very much spending time in this little community, seeing the joy of the school children, and seeing how her brother Leo's desire to care for the earth is unfolding. Now he has been asked to be the president of an organization that will protect the local river from misuse or pollution.

I hope that during my sabbatical next summer, in 2010 in Costa Rica I can spend time in Sabana Bonita. I wonder how we might take some part in Leo's vision for this land. Nina B. Lanctot

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