Scripture: Living and Active

Scripture: Living and Active
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

"We were created out of dirt..."

In our series, Enjoy and Defend God's Good Creation, Luke Nofsinger spoke this week.  He began by saying,

"Of all the world religions, Christianity is by far the most anthropocentric."  

He went on to contrast the human role in creation, comparing the two accounts in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.  (If you would like to listen to this sermon, contact Nina Lanctot for a recording.)

Here is Luke Nofsinger farming with Dale Hasenick a number of years ago.

"How do we become better stewards?" Luke Nofsinger asked.  "Many of the creatures we have here today are because of the sacrifices of others, sacrifices unbeknownst to them.  And  I wonder if, the next time the animals get onto the ark, if we will be there, too?  Is that responsible stewardship?...My only goal is to determine what Christian stewardship of the natural world is."

While reflecting on humans in God's Garden in worship, the children made the same story in clay and in a diorama.  And we had a visit from Chris and Luke Nofsinger's favorite animal, the pig.

 How wonderful to also have our gardeners, Jan and Jerry Warstler, Verna Troyer, Willard Fenton-Miller and Suzanne Lind, make the flower and perennial beds around church beautiful.

In the coming weeks Peggy Deames of Love Your Mother will speak (June 30), and Beth Neff , farmer, writer, library, and participant in Transition Network will speak (August 4).

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